Better Beach Management motion passes first hurdle at Cornwall Council

At today’s Full Council meeting of Cornwall Council, the motion for Better Beach Management was taken up and referred on to the next stage of the process before being returned with recommendations and a vote at a future meeting.

Following a speech which drew applause from the Chamber, Mevagissey Cornwall Councillor and motion proposer James Mustoe said:

“I am delighted that our motion for better beach management has cleared the first hurdle today and will now progress on through the council back for a vote and hopefully adoption in the future.”

“Cornwall Council’s campaign ‘Leave Only Your Footprints’ makes a great slogan but what is actually being done?”

“I even heard that the excellent photograph of the Leader and Portfolio Holder for Environment on beautiful Gyllyingvase beach down Falmouth surrounded by litter was created for the camera by shipping in rubbish from Truro and dumping it all over the beach to make a good photo.”

“This just isn’t good enough.”

“So what we need is change.”

“This motion isn’t about Cornwall Council paying people to clean their or anyone else’s beaches.”

“As per my motion, Cornwall Council already saves hundreds of thousands of pounds because of the volunteer work already being done here.”

2It is about helping the great work volunteers already do, and helping us as a local authority manage our assets appropriately.”

“Making it easier to collect, dispose and report rubbish from our beaches.”

“Helping owners of beaches fulfil their obligations and do their bit.”

“And recognising the immeasurable benefits our blue and gold spaces have on our mental health.”

“All as part of a new and improved Beach Management Strategy that fits with the culture we live in and recognises the importance of beaches to our Cornwall.”

“I look forward to this motion proceeding through the council and seeing it adopted later this year.”