Cllr Olly Monk calls for update on progress on Saints Trail as Government encourages people to cycle to work

Newquay Councillor Olly Monk has called upon the Portfolio Holder for Transport at Cornwall Council for an update on work for the Saints Trail and other planned Multi-Use Trails across Cornwall after the Government unveiled a £2 billion package to create new era for cycling and walking at the weekend.

Following unprecedented levels of walking and cycling across the UK during the pandemic, the Government’s plans will help encourage more people to choose alternatives to public transport when they need to travel, making healthier habits easier and helping make sure the road, bus and rail networks are ready to respond to future increases in demand.

The Government has said it will fund and work with local authorities across the country to help make it easier for people to use bikes to get around.

Commenting, Olly said:

“Cycling offers a great way to commute ,reduces carbon emissions and allows a safer way for many to go about their daily business and the announcement at the weekend of the Government’s investment into cycling is great news.”

“With our plans for innovative multi-use trails like the Saints Trail already in place, I think that we at Cornwall Council should be in the ideal position to work with the Government to unlock some of this funding for our residents.”

“I have written to the Cabinet Member responsible for Transport at Cornwall Council stressing the importance of continuing work on these networks and asking if Cornwall Council have held any conversations with the Department for Transport regarding the additional funding that has been promised for delivering better cycling connectivity for people who wish to use cycles as their preferred mode of commuting to work.”

“Surely, now is the time to seize the moment and make a bid for this funding to make cycling a key part of our future transport strategy.”

“I hope Cornwall Council will step up and work with the Government to secure funding to increase our cycling infrastructure both for Newquay and around the county.”