Cllr Olly Monk slams Cornwall Council’s Cabinet over rushed decision to remove parking facilities in town

Newquay Cornwall Councillor Olly Monk has criticised the Liberal Democrat/Independent Cabinet for taking a decision to remove most of the car parking space from Newquay’s largest carpark without following due process.

At their meeting today Cornwall Council’s Cabinet voted to start the process to build a 80 bed care home/village on Tregunnel Hill carpark. This village, if built will take over two thirds of the available car parking space on Newquay’s biggest Carpark and deny yet more parking for the people of Newquay as well as people wishing to visit the town

Commenting Olly said:

“This decision, taken today by Cornwall Council’s Lib Dem-Independent Cabinet very concerning.”

“The timescale in which this decision has been means there has been no scrutiny or consultation as yet with either the public of Newquay, Newquay Town Council or Newquay BID.”

“The cabinet have avoided the scrutiny process to push this scheme through.”

“They could have waited just four weeks to make the decision which would have allowed scrutiny to take place.”

“It is worth noting that Cllr Geoff Brown who is a Cabinet member and the Cornwall Councillor for Newquay Central voted for the scheme.”

“The vote means that the planning process will start now and the build could start in the new year.”

“Given that Newquay is already struggling with the impact of Covid 19, why does the administration who run Cornwall Council think removing the chance for visitors to come to Newquay will be good for our town?”

“This carpark is protected in the Newquay Neighbourhood Plan, voted on by residents of Newquay as an area for the fishermen of Newquay to transfer their catch from small vehicles to larger refrigerated wagons to take their produce across the country and abroad.”

“My plea to the Cabinet, is please reconsider your rushed and ill thought out decision, and if you’re not going to consult properly, leave our Tregunnel carpark alone and find a more appropriate place to build your care home!”