Cllrs Mustoe and Rowse prove that “where there's a will there's a wave." as Cornwall Council’s Cabinet back their motion for better beach management

Cornwall Council’s Cabinet has voted to back Mevagissey Councillor James Mustoe’s and Par Councillor Jordan Rowse’s  Better Beach Management motion as they incorporated most of the elements from their Better Beach Management motion into strategic council programmes for the future.

On the agenda at Cornwall Council’s Cabinet earlier this week were two major items, the council’s new waste and recycling contract, and the refresh of Cornwall’s maritime strategy. Both items incorporated a number of the proposals brought forward by the councillors in their motion earlier this year.

Commenting, motion proposer Cllr James Mustoe said:

“I am really pleased to have worked with numerous groups and Cllr Rowse  to have brought this motion before Cornwall Council. Its importance has been recognised as it has been today brought before Cabinet for a decision because of the number of strategic areas it affects, a first for a backbench motion from what I have been told.”

“As I said in the meeting, I am pleased to broadly welcome the incorporation of most of the points in our motion that relate to highlighting and improving the collection of waste and recycling from Cornwall Council’s beaches relating to the new waste contract and the Cornwall Maritime Strategy.”

“In particular the refreshing and streamlining of guidance for the notification and collection of waste from our beaches is to be welcomed, as well as the highlighting of the health benefits of our beaches, is to be welcomed.”

“There were a lot of asks in our motion and I am pleased to have seen the majority of them realised.”

“However there is always more to do and we will continue to work with local groups in the volunteer sector and Cornwall Council to ensure our beautiful beaches continue to get the attention they deserve.”

Commenting, Motion seconder, Cllr Jordan Rowse said:

“I’m delighted that Cabinet have backed our Better Beach Management motion. This is certainly a step in the right direction.”

“Our beaches have not had the attention and management they need of late and there needs to be a plan in place to do this effectively and efficiently. Our motion aimed to to do this, so I am pleased that cabinet have decided to listen to us.”

“Our beaches are one of the main reasons why tourists visit Cornwall, and why we as residents love Cornwall. We need to look after our beaches, managed them properly and ensure that our coastline can be enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.”