Coalition of Losers

A 'Coalition of Losers' (a name coined by themselves – not me!) has been formed to run Cornwall Council between the Lib Dem group, led by Cllr Paynter, and the Independent Group, led by Cllr Andrew Mitchell. 

These two councillors worked together in the administration of the last Cornwall County Council when they were both Lib Dems. Cllr Mitchell indicated that they had worked together for 17 years. 

The last Lib Dem County Council was responsible for undertaking £400m of debt some of which does not mature for 60 years (now under investigation by the National Audit Office),  the investment of Council funds in Icelandic banks and Newquay Airport being closed without notice.

Leader of the largest group, Cllr Phil Seeva (Conservative), said the councillors who have refused to form an administration with the Conservatives appear to have decided instead to do the same thing again and again and hope it will produce different results.

From the evidence of the last four years that would seem improbable. 

Fiona Ferguson. Past Leader of the Conservative Group on Cornwall Council, Mylor