Conservative Group on Cornwall Council calls for retraction of ‘Stay Away from Cornwall’ statement

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council has called for an immediate retraction of damaging comments made by Cabinet Member responsible for the Economy Tim Dwelly in the national media today.

Commenting in The Times, Cllr Dwelly, who was recently appointed to the role following the resignation of the previous holder over cover-up allegations, said:

‘We think it would be better to support the tourist business with grants and support rather than have a summer season.’

Cllr Linda Taylor, Conservative Group Leader said:

“These remarks from Cllr Dwelly, who holds a senior position within Cornwall Council are ill judged and should be withdrawn immediately.”

“I very much hope that they are not a reflection of Cornwall Council’s own position. I have already written to the Leader and Chief Executive of Cornwall Council asking for an immediate retraction of this statement today.”

“If this is the Cabinet policy and Cornwall Council’s policy then the wider membership have not been told. Is this another example of government by dictat?”

“Regardless, I can assure residents and businesses who have already made their outrage on this clear,  that the Conservative Group who support our Cornish economy, understand the importance of the Tourism trade to Cornwall, understand the Government guidelines and the thinking behind the science  used, and would never be party to such an outrageous  statement that could and probably will impact on Cornwall's reputation.”

“I suggest that that instead of issuing badly judged warnings to the national press, that Cllr Dwelly and his colleagues instead get on with fixing their broken discretionary payments scheme so it actually supports the seasonal tourism businesses they currently seem hellbent on harming.”