The Conservative group on Cornwall Council has welcomed the announcement by the new Liberal Democrat led administration that the bid for Truro to be the European City of Culture in 2023 has been dropped.


Commenting, group leader Cllr Phil Seeva said:


“I am pleased to see that pressure from the Conservative Group on Cornwall Council has already led to the Lib Dem led administration to drop the European City of Culture bid for Truro. At a time where Cornwall Council needs to prioritise its money towards crucial services such as social care and our highways, this risky gamble which could have seen £10m of public money spent on a vanity project was not a good idea. That is why we had scrapping it as a manifesto commitment prior to the local elections.”


“It is good to see that the Lib Dems have affectively agreed with our manifesto commitment, changed course and scrapped the bid.”


“Concurrently, it is a shame that less than a week into their administration it looks like  the Lib Dems have already had to back down from one of their own manifesto commitments, as it has come to light that a deal brokered by the new leader of the council in his previous role on Cornwall Council’s Cabinet may fail to live up to their promises regarding the National Living Wage.”


“Rest assured, the Conservatives on Cornwall Council, who are the largest single party on the council, will continue to hold this administration to account and push for the change that the people of Cornwall wanted, which the Lib Dems and their friends have seen fit to ignore.”




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Cllr James Mustoe


Cornwall Councillor for Mevagissey


07885 277670