Conservative Group looks to up mental health funding in schools and countryside access in Budget Amendments

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council has tabled a number of amendments to Cornwall Council’s Budget for the 2019/20 year, which is due to be agreed at Full Council later this month.

These include proposals to utilise hundreds of thousands of pounds of unused funding, or restructuring current funding arrangements to provide more support for mental health in schools and funding for footpaths via the countryside access team.

Commenting, Conservative Group Leader Cllr Linda Taylor said:

“One thing that always shines through at the annual Budget setting meeting of Cornwall Council is the Lib Dem-run administration’s singe-minded determination to not take responsibility for the vast funds at its fingertips.”

“It is always the same plea of ‘we have no money’ with the blame pointed at central government. Yet they still find millions for their pet projects, which no one asked for and no one wants.”

“Conservatives on Cornwall Council have always said that we should take responsibility for the money Cornwall Council holds on behalf of the people of Cornwall, and use what we have responsibly.”

“These sensible proposals put forward provide additional funding from existing pots for vital services for our future generations in mental health provision in schools, something which is so important to us all.”

“Our beautiful County deserves more to be made of our footpath and countryside access network, for locals and visitors alike, and our proposals in this area gives the council officers the funds to do just that, and help transform our footpath network.”

“We look forward to bringing these proposals to Full Council later this month, where I am sure they will be adopted and gain support from across the Chamber. If my colleagues from different parties have reasons for objecting that aren’t sadly based purely on party politics, I would be keen to hear what they are.”