Conservatives on Cornwall Council call for administration to move council tax payment holiday to residents during COVID-19 pandemic

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council has called upon the council’s administration relax rules on council tax. The proposals would allow people to have their payment holiday, which is normally at the end of the financial year, at the beginning. This would help Cornwall residents deal with financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Group has started a petition calling for the change to take place:

Commenting, Group Leader Cllr Linda Taylor said:

“These are very difficult times and we are calling on the administration of Cornwall Council to take the practical and sensible step of moving the payment holidays for all council tax payers to the beginning of the financial, so they take place in April and May 2020, instead of the end.”

“This will relieve the financial pressure on many hard-pressed Cornish tax-payers without costing anything extra to Cornwall Council – the monies will be collected at the end of the financial year instead of at the beginning.”

Cornwall Council currently has £300million cash in reserves and only last week signed a deal to build hundreds of open market houses at Truro so now is not the time to be pleading poverty.”

“We call upon Cornwall Council to do the right thing and make this sensible change for the residents of Cornwall during these unprecedented times.”