Conservatives on Cornwall Council condemn another failure of transparency at County Hall as changes to planning process implemented

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council has condemned changes to Cornwall Council’s planning process which will see people kept out of the loop when it comes to following the progress of contentious planning applications.

Up until recently members of the public were automatically informed when a planning application they had commented is ‘called in’ for a decision before a planning committee. This gave them a chance to attend the meeting or lobby the committee members if desired.

Calling an application in happens when a local Cornwall Councillor disagrees with the officer’s recommendations. By their nature these applications are often contentious.

However recently implemented changes mean that Cornwall Council will now not notify anyone other than statutory consultees, effectively excluding the public from being kept informed at a key point in an application’s progress.

Commenting, Conservative Group Leader Cllr Linda Taylor said:

“We are dismayed at this latest display from the administration at Cornwall Council.”

“As with all things in council life, it is important that we as a council are transparent and inclusive in our decision-making.”

“This is an appalling decision and one that cuts the Cornish taxpayer off from another facet of council decision-making.”

“More so, we understand that this is another decision made by an officer and just rubber stamped by a Cabinet Member.”

“The administration say it is to save costs, but they recently found thousands more to retain a consultant at a developer’s say so after their council job had come to an end.”

“Another case of do as we say, not do as we do.”

“On behalf of the Cornish taxpayer, the Conservatives on Cornwall Council are again challenging this clueless administration to actually deliver on behalf of the people they are supposed to be serving.”