Conservatives on Cornwall Council welcome government funding for Cornish heritage and culture

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council has welcomed Friday’s announcement by the Culture Minister Lord Bourne of an additional £200,000 to help promote the Cornish heritage and language.

Commenting, Conservative Group Leader Cllr Linda Taylor said:

“It is great to see the Conservative Government again delivering for Cornwall, off the back of another successful campaign from our Cornish Conservative MPs.”

“The devil will be in the detail and now we have this additional funding, it will be up to Cornwall Council to ensure it is spent wisely and not frittered away on vanity projects at the whim of the daft Liberal Democrat and friends administration that currently run the council.”

“I hope that this money will be spent on projects accessible and available to all of Cornwall, both ours and future generations, and as ever the Conservative Group on Cornwall Council will call out any mismanagement of this money.”

Commenting, Conservative Member of the Cornwall Ethnic Minority Steering Group, Cllr Jordan Rowse said:

"This is brilliant news. I was actually at the Minority Status Summit on Friday when the announcement was made. I firmly believe Cornwall Council should be doing all that it can to promote our Cornish culture, heritage and language. This £200,000 funding from the Government really will help with this and is most welcomed. Our identity, culture and heritage is distinct so we should be promoting it as much as we can because I strongly believe it is one of the strongest selling points for Cornwall.”

“As a member of the Cornish Minority Status Working Group, I will work with the rest of the group to ensure this money is used effectively. As one of the younger members shouting the corner for this, it is music to my ears that part of this money is being earmarked for the Cornish National Minority Education Action Plan. Let's start the passion for our culture and heritage young so that we can secure it for future generations.”