Conservatives Group on Cornwall Council welcome additional Government funding for local authorities for Brexit preparations

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council has welcomed the announcement from the Government earlier this month of £20m extra funding for local authorities to help with Brexit preparations. 

The Communities and Local Government Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP earlier this month said local authorities such as Cornwall Council should be fully prepared to leave the EU by the end of October. 

Mr Jenrick thanked councils for all the work they have already done, but said they must step up vital preparations and committed £20 million for councils across England to prepare for delivering Brexit on 31 October, whatever the circumstances.

Commenting, Conservative Group Leader on Cornwall Council Cllr Linda Taylor said:

"It is good to see this additional funding from the Government to assist local authorities in preparations for Brexit, another commitment for our leaving the EU with or without a deal on 31 October."

"Cornwall historically has had involvement with the EU in a variety of areas, including seasonal agricultural labour, the recycling of our funds sent back to us as EU funding and its impact on our wider farming and fishing communities, so it is crucial that Cornwall Council does its bit and gets this right."

"The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council will continue to do all it can to scrutinise the current administration and officers and ensure this happens."

"It has to be noted that all this preparation though, has in its background the tremendously unhelpful position set by the Liberal Democrat-led administration last year that set the council as an organisation in favour of a second referendum. Something that besmirches the reputation of the council and goes against the express democratic wish of both both the UK and particularly Cornwall in voting to leave the EU. This feeble posturing should be seen for what it is and not undermine the Council's overall position in doing all it can to assist in the preparations we need to make to leave the EU in October. "

"It is crucial that people see beyond this grandstanding and that we all work together to ensure that Cornwall is open for business, both here and globally for Brexit and beyond."