Cornish deserve a better deal

People in Cornwall deserve a strong, united team to get the right deal for them in housing, transport, tourism, social care and post Brexit funding, the Local Government Secretary said today.

Sajid Javid made the comments during the launch of the Conservative manifesto at County Hall in Truro for the local elections on May 4.

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government said: “People in Cornwall want a team that will work together to get the right deal for them in housing, transport, broadband, to protect the environment, support tourism and look after the elderly and vulnerable.

“Today’s manifesto launch is a commitment from the Conservative candidates to work closely with the county’s MPs and Government to do just that – to create a fairer society that benefits everyone in Cornwall.

“That includes fighting for the best funding deal post Brexit and creating a local Government that celebrates and supports Cornwall’s unique heritage.”

The manifesto includes:

  • Efficient and effective use of taxpayers money so the county council’s services work for everyone
  • Restructuring adult social care with regular performance checks so that our elderly and vulnerable get the right care
  • Working with local people and councils on new, affordable homes that benefit locals and are sympathetic to the area
  • Working with MPs to secure business expansion, rising wage levels, further investment in roads, rail and broadband and securing the best possible funding post Brexit
  • Encouraging every Conservative councillor to spend at least £2,000 on local youth groups and facilities (from their annual community project budget of around £246,000 in total)
  • Supporting tourism and protecting our natural environment, wildlife and sealife

Cllr John Keeling, Conservative Group Leader, said: “Everyone knows Cornwall can be better. After four years of indecision and incompetence from the Liberal Democrats and Independents our county risks falling further behind.