Cornwall Council accused of being barking mad following massive public confusion over dog beach ban

Newquay Cornwall Councillor Kevin Towill has criticised the implementation of the new Cornwall Council dog ban on its beaches as a complete shambles after residents of the town spoke out about their confusion over new rules the council has implemented.

In the summer dogs will be banned from some Newquay beaches between 10am till 6pm. However, there is widespread confusion whether this will be in force from the 15th of May or the 1st of July on many Cornwall seaside award status beaches.

Conservative Councillor Towill, who sites on the Neighbourhoods Committee that Scrutinises the work of Portfolio Holder for Environment and Public Protection, Councillor Rob Nolan has criticised the ruling Coalition’s handling of the issue saying:

“The current rules are due to expire this year and those responsible have been charged with the relatively simple act of renewing the orders across Cornwall.”

“Despite one of the largest public consultations and dogged scrutiny from our committee, it seems the leadership at Cornwall Council has made a dog’s breakfast out of the situation, with beaches having dog bans that start and finish at different times.”

“The only explanation I have been given is the Council has made the bizarre decision to include some of the seaside award beaches into the Blue flag award status beaches. As a result the aim of a simple and easy to understand policy throughout Cornwall has been left in tatters and complete confusion.”

“The neighbourhoods committee made recommendations in January which were widely reported in the press, however a few days later Cllr Nolan announced he was not accepting the recommendations and would implement his own policy, which now seems to have fallen apart. Less than a month later he re-issued a new policy closer to the one he had already rejected and but also flew in the face of the public consultation.”

“As a Cornwall Councillor it is hard for me to keep track of this County Hall farce, just imagine what it would be like for a responsible dog owner who wants to do the right thing. Councillors around the Porth Beach area in Newquay have been inundated with complaints and questions from confused members of the public and they are understandably furious with this situation.”

“The leadership of the Council are giving the impression that they cannot deliver the most basic task properly and for this I think all of Cornwall Council and the wider public deserve an apology for the way this has been handled.”