Falmouth Conservatives select Richard Cunningham for Smithick by-election

Falmouth Conservatives have selected Richard Cunningham as their candidate in the up-coming Smithick by-election. Richard works locally at the Docks for a resin flooring company supporting the shipping industry and works shifts at two local bars.

Here’s what he had to say about himself, and his campaign:

“There has been talk and fearmongering about the future of Falmouth Hospital and other Minor Injury Units; which is simply not true. Meanwhile, there are worries about the future of the Princess Pavilion. We need to ensure that we look at issues local to Falmouth and meaningful to us, without getting wrapped up in fake news and scare tactics. That is why I want this campaign to be positive and offer helpful solutions to the issues residents have brought forward to me.

"There is a real concern about planning and the saturation of student housing. I will campaign to get student accommodation and travel subsidies for students to live and travel from Truro to university, regardless of whether they are Falmouth Uni or Exeter Uni. Truro certainly has the capacity and has a struggling nightlife, as many business owners there will attest to.  It will ease the saturation of student housing in Falmouth, bolster the nightlife in Truro. 

"Of the other issues, flooding is incredibly relevant at this time of year. When it rains heavily, we have seen lots of flooding around the Prince of Wales Pier which isn't hygienic or good for businesses. South West Water are dealing with this, but with electricity cables being laid, our high street faces weeks of disruption. That’s why, if elected, I’ll work together with my colleagues on Cornwall Council, and with local companies to ensure minimal disruption. 

"I am very sympathetic to anyone who is struggling with parking, there are lots of avenues we can go down to ease parking issues, each street has its own problems. It just needs somebody tenacious to take up each unique situation and put forward the solutions to the council and our Conservative MP.

"Cornwall Council is controlled by a Lib Dem and Independent Group coalition.  It just doesn't work, there is no collective plan to tackle the issues we face.  Labour have just 3 Councillors out of 123.  It makes sense to vote for the group who can deliver a united plan all the way to government.

"Constituents can contact me at richard.cunningham@cornwallconservatives.org or by sending a direct message to my public facebook page."