Last chance to sign Sarah Newton MPs petition to be presented in Parliament on 19 June

Local MP Sarah Newton is a member of the Conservative Environment Network's (CEN) Parliamentary Caucus that champions decarbonisation and conservation in Westminster. 

The Caucus work together to drive the green agenda in Westminster, signing up to a set of principles that include action on climate change; to enhance the natural environment; to preserve species and oceans; and to tackle air pollution. Truro & Falmouth’s works with other backbench MPs to nudge Government policy in a greener direction. 

Sarah has long campaigned on environmental issues, including community battery recycling schemes, litter picks, promoting cycling, public transport, local food and innovation in renewable energy. She was instrumental in the creation of the National Pollinator Strategy. 

Sarah Newton MP said, "we owe it to future generations to leave the environment in a better state than we found it. Everyone deserves cleaner air and water, healthy food to eat, and access to green spaces. Climate change and the loss of many vital species and habitats threatens this both nationally and internationally. It's vital that we act now to protect our one planet.” 

As part of their work with the Caucus, Sarah Newton supports the campaign for the UK to adopt a net zero emissions target, ending our contribution to international emissions by 2050. Commenting on this, Sarah said, "we were the first country in the world to set legally binding emission reduction targets, and now we need to update that legislation to go for net zero. The latest research shows that we need a net zero target to avoid reaching tipping points that devastate our natural environment, intensifying droughts, heatwaves and much more. I hope that we adopt this target into law as soon as possible and will be working with other MPs to call for this." 

It’s essential that the nation’s contributing most to global pollution and climate change follow the UKs lead, so Sarah is pressing the Government to do everything that they can to secure the next Global Climate Change Conference in 2020 is held in the U.K. 

Sarah is urging constituents: “Please sign my petition that will be presented in Parliament on 19th June along with my fellow Caucus member MPs. You can find it on my website: 

Sam Richards, Director of CEN added, "we're delighted to have Sarah in our Caucus to champion the environment in Westminster. It's great that she is representing the voice of Truro and Falmouth on the environment - as we know that this is the number one issue that voters want to hear more from the Government about.”