Steve Double MP welcomes ban on legal highs

The Psychoactive Substances Bill which will come in from April this year, will introduce a blanket ban on the production, supply, possession with the intent to supply, and import and export, of psychoactive substances. Simple possession is not an offence under the Bill. A number of substances will be explicitly exempted from the controls in the Bill and the Bill provides order-making powers for the Secretary of State to add substances to this list.  It includes a range of civil and criminal sanctions. 

Commenting, Steve said:

“I was shocked last year to see how easy it was to buy these substances on the high street in St Austell and Newquay. They come with many health warnings and cannot be marketed for human consumption but were readily available for sale. I was pleased at the time to raise awareness of the dangers of legal highs which resulted in the withdrawal of their sale in St Austell town centre and this next step  - a country-wide ban, is the right and sensible thing to do.”

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