Steve Double MP welcomes Queen’s Speech

Commenting, Steve said:

“Away from the pomp and ceremony of the Queen's Speech today, it is also one of the most important dates in the Parliamentary calendar, with the Queen outlining the Government's agenda for the coming Parliamentary year.”

“I was pleased to see the Queen’s announcement of positive developments in transport and education today, as well as regarding rural broadband. These are issues that I have been working on both locally and nationally, and mean a great deal to both St Austell and Newquay but also Cornwall as a whole.”

“I was particularly pleased to see the introduction of the Modern Transport Bill, part of which will include legislation to enable the future development of the UK’s first commercial spaceport, for which I will continue to champion Cornwall Airport Newquay as the ideal location for.”

“I was also pleased to see the Education For All Bill announced, which will see the Government’s work on creating a new funding formula to deliver fair funding for every school and pupil in the country continue. This is an area in which Cornish schoolchildren have traditionally been underfunded and I am delighted to be part of the Government that continues this long standing issue.”

“Finally, the Digital Economy Bill will contain new obligations on broadband providers to make sure everyone in Britain has access to an affordable high speed internet connection. The lack of adequate rural superfast broadband coverage is one of the top constituency issues raised with me and I am pleased to see the Government continues to make addressing this a priority.”

“The devil is in the detail though, and I now look forward to the debate on the speech, which will take place over the next few days, where we can examine the proposals in full and then get down to the business of making them a reality.”