Strong Budget for Cornwall welcomed by residents, businesses and the Conservative Group on Cornwall Council, but leaves the council’s administration confused

The Conservative Group on Cornwall Council has welcomed today’s Budget as one that delivers for everyone in Cornwall.

The Budget contained a raft of positive measures to support families, businesses and massive infrastructure boosts.

Commenting, Conservative Group Leader Cllr Linda Taylor said:

“What’s not to like about this Budget? I am already getting such a positive response from local people and businesses. This is Boris and our six Conservative Cornwall MPs delivering on their promises, with families, businesses and communities being supported,  and infrastructure projects that will  revitalize communities and our economy.”

“However the Conservatives on Cornwall Council were concerned to hear the perhaps predictable response from the administration that runs Cornwall Council.”

“Just after the Budget Statement the Leader of the Council, from Cornwall Council’s Twitter account was shown in a video stating he was ‘extremely disappointed that there was ‘nothing there for Cornwall’ in the Budget.”

“Perhaps he hadn’t read the Budget Book?”

“His colleague, Cabinet Member for Transport Geoff Brown, perhaps had watched it though.”

“He Tweeted, again in a video from Cornwall Council’s Twitter account an hour later, that he was ‘really pleased’ about the additional funding to develop the Camelford bypass, calling ‘it a fantastic opportunity to improve the transport throughout the North Cornwall area for everyone.’ ”

“The Conservatives on Cornwall Council are clear that this was a great Budget for Cornwall and everyone who lives and works here. Perhaps if the administration could look at things from a broader perspective instead of firing off knee jerk click bait contradictory videos, they would be able to see that for themselves.”