Is there a ‘Case’ for Cornwall? Have your say

Cornwall Conservatives are conducting a survey on the Council's so called 'Case for Cornwall'. Management of this survey is being dealt with by the Conservative Group on Cornwall Council.

We feel this has to be done because the administration has utterly failed  to do this itself.

It has only produced a 'petition' by which you may support the 'Case'.

If you disagree with any aspect or feel you need more information (either about what is intended, how it will be paid for, whether the NHS/ police support etc etc) then the clear implication is that you are disloyal to Cornwall.

This is hardly a balanced debate on a very serious subject on which the administration at County Hall has no mandate.

Any 'Case' must be a Case for Cornwall, not a Case for Cornwall Council.

It is our intention to fill the gap to the extent that we are able. Time is short and the final decision date for the Council on the ‘Case’ is 21st July.

Please help with this so that the Council does not go blindly forward without any public mandate at all.


                                                                                                                                                Fiona Ferguson CC 23 June 2015

To complete the survey on line click on STANDING UP FOR CORNWALL located on the home page menu above or go to . To complete the survey by post download the survey from the attached pdf.


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