‘What a waste!’ Conservative Group on Cornwall Council slam administration for poor handling of waste and recycling contract

The Conservative Group at Cornwall Council have slammed the administration for its bungled handling of the waste and recycling contract tender following a decision at today’s Cabinet meeting to put off making a decision on the new waste provider until November.

Even before the meeting had started, Cornwall Council’s officers were recommending neither bid be accepted due to them both being for substantially more than the council had allocated.

Following today’s meeting, much of which was conducted behind closed doors, Conservative Group Leader Cllr Linda Taylor said:

“What a waste!”

“The farcical scenes at today’s Cabinet meeting must leave the people of Cornwall dumbfounded about how these people who are supposed to be running their council got the quotes so wrong!”

“Just last week at Full Council we were asked to approve more than £60 million in spending for the purchase of new lorries, specifically designed to accommodate wheely-bins included in the new contract, so they must have had some inkling that this was going to happen.”

“This contract preparation is indicative of this administration. Careless with Cornish tax payer money and ill prepared for the challenges of negotiation with the contractors.”

“They are Financially calamitous and running out of time.”

“The waste contractors are now aware of the budget and this leaves Cornwall Council once again in a poor negotiating position.”

“This poor financial position has been seen before. Dare I mention negotiations with Inox and currently the Pydar development.”

“We are challenging this administration to sharpen its pencils and get out the calculator.”

“They have now kicked yet another decision into the long grass. The people of Cornwall deserve better and we demand answers by November, if not before.”