Backing Boris to get Brexit done

  1. Backing Boris to get Brexit done

Our Prime Minister Boris Johnson hasĀ agreed a deal with the EU for the UK to leave.

We will take back control.

We will:

  • Write our own legislation
  • Negotiate trade deals with countries around the world.
  • No longer be subject to the European Court of Justice (ECJ)
  • Get a better deal for our farmers and fishermen

But Parliament has repeatedly voted to frustrate attempts to agree and implement a reasonable deal. It is highly likely there would have been endless amendments to try to stop us actually leaving the EU. The final deal agreed by Parliament would have probably kept us in a customs union, unable to do our own trade deal, and still subject to the ECJ, but without any say in most future regulation or legislation.

I will wholeheartedly support Boris to ensure that his deal can be agreed by Parliament, and the necessary legislation voted through, so that we can leave the EU in 2020 and move on to an exciting and positive domestic agenda.